Designing this Blog

I wanted the design of the blog to be minimalist and focused on the two primary types of content: text and code. I built the blog’s template with Bootstrap, using @mdo’s Bootstrap blog template as a starting point, and removed all the accents and chrome, save for the page footer.

This blog makes use of two different typefaces. All text content on this blog uses Donald Knuth’s iconic Computer Modern Serif font, applied using @christianp’s CM web fonts. All inline code is typeset in Computer Modern Typewriter.

Code listings, on the other hand, use Liberation Mono and is typeset against a subtly different background to contrast with the text discussion. I fell in love with the Base16 Ocean color scheme by Chris Kempson and have been using Base16 Ocean Dark as the color scheme for my terminal and Vim. For the code listings on this blog, I chose to use Base16 Ocean Light to complement the minimal look of the blog.

func fibonacci(n int) int {
	if n < 2 {
		return n
	return fibonacci(n - 1) + fibonacci(n - 2)

Finally, the blog is generated using Jekyll and is hosted on GitHub Pages.