Open source projects that I am or have been involved with.


My contributions to open source projects.


Google’s own build system. Bazel has built-in support for building both client and server software, including apps for both Android and iOS, and provides an extensible framework for develop your own build rules. Bazel currently has support for over 15 programming languages, including C/C++, Java, Python, Go, Rust, D, Jsonnet, and Scala.


An elegant, formally-specified configuration generation language for JSON.


Open source workflow management and scheduling system with integrated tools for Apache Hadoop.

Apache Samza

Distributed stream processing system using Apache Kafka for messaging and Apache Hadoop YARN for fault tolerance, processor isolation, security, and resource management.

Apache Tajo

Distributed data warehouse system for Apache Hadoop designed for low-latency and scalable ad-hoc queries

Apache Hive

Data warehouse system built on Apache Hadoop providing data management facilities a SQL-like query interface

Apache Parquet

Columnar storage format for any project in the Hadoop ecosystem, agnostic of the choice of data processing framework or data model.

Tools, etc.

Here are various tools that I made to make my life easier. They might make yours easier too.


An easy tool for managing tmux sessions.


Vim C and C++ syntax highlighting extended with MSVC-specific types, keywords, and SAL annotations.


Improved Vim syntax highlighting for Java Properties.