tiles start

tiles start <session-name> [-h|--help] [-v|--verbose]

Creates tmux sessions defined in the ~/.tiles configuration file.


  • -v --verbose - Prints each command before it is run.
  • -h --help - Prints this help text.


The .tiles file must be in the user’s home directory. The syntax of the .tiles file is as follows:

    name = "session-name",
    windows = [],

The name parameter is used to reference the session when invoking this script. The windows parameter is a list of tuples of [window_name, working_directory]. For example, the following configuration:

    name = "work",
    windows = [
        ["blog", "~/Projects/blog"],
        ["tensorflow", "~/Projects/tensorflow"]

defines a tmux session named "work" with two windows. The session can be started by invoking:

$ tiles start work

If a session in .tiles is named "default", invoking tiles start with arguments starts the default session.